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About us

Zhejiang Huanxin Fluoromaterial Co., (Huanxin Fluoro)  is a specialty fluoromaterial manufacturing operation found in Dec. 2002, with corporate site covering an area of 16000 Sqm. and main office based in Huajie, Yongkang, Zhejiang Province. Additionally, a wholly owned subsidiary Quzhou Huanxin Fluoromaterial Co., covering 82000Sqm is sited in Quzhou National Industry Park for Fluor and Silicone Industry.


Manufacturing and Operation Management

Huanxin Fluoro is an honored high-tech venture of National Tourch Program for SME,
operation and management system accredited and certified by:
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007.


Main Product Offering 

Huanixn Fluoro is dedicated to manufacturing, R&D and marketing of fluorochemicals. Our product offering and product series development are based on essential fluoromonomers of Trifluoropropene and Tetrafluoroethylene that we are conventionally manufacturing at our plant.


Leading Products: 

Specialty fluoroproducts:     Fluorosilicone trimer, TFP, OFP, HFPO and HFPO Oligomer; 

Low GWP fluorochemicals:   HFO-1234yf, HFO-1233xf, HFO-1243zf, BrTFP; 

Fluorosilicone products :     Fluorosilicone compound, base and lubricant 


These products are essential and are needed for performance products manufacturing in meeting applications of optical component, sealing materials, pharmacy and agrichemicals. And of recent years, our monomer derivatives R&D and manufacturing are stretched into the field of new refrigerants where clients are in need of meeting low or zero GWP criterion set for environmental challenge.


Technological Innovation and Patent 

Huanxin Fluoro has been engaged consistently in R&D of specialty fluorochemicals and fluorosilicone materials. Huanxin fluor assumes a provincial high-tech enterprise R&D center with a technologically capable product development team that is equipped with a material synthetic laboratory and a comprehensive multi-function pilot plant facility. We have acquired multi invention and innovation patents, and is taking a leading position in the products we selected and focused in by commercialization and expansion of manufacturing and supplying in order to meet market and clients growing need.


New focus in Low GWP Refrigerant Development and Supply

As it is witnessed, of recent years, zero ODP and low GWP HFO-1234yf is found an important refrigerant in mobile air conditioning industry. Global market is following a proposed gradual mandatory phase-in of HFO-1234yf that Huanxin has been tracking since 2009. With our advantage of large capacity manufacturing of then Trifluoropropene, a monomer material based on which new process of manufacturing HFO-1234yf is developed. We applied and obtained patent issued by China Patent Agency 2013 for our TFP based HFO-1234yf technology invention. Since then, a HFO-1234yf pilot operation of 100 Mt capacity was built up in supplying pick up need for quality HFO-1234yf on China market. Our new focus now is in processing of building up a 3000Mt facility based on our own technology and put in production and supply by the end of 2007.


Huanxin Fluoro, with established sound corporate culture and operation environment, quality product and operation excellency management, an advantage of proprietary production process technology, shall enable us to develop on a solid sustainable basis with supply service to meet our clients growing need.

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